Archipelago Hawai‘i’s “Whole Home Design”

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Some may see a house as just a block of wood on a land, but what a home stands for is certainly much greater. The sounds of laughter, the smell of fresh baked cookies or the brush of newly washed linen is what transforms a few chips and nails into a haven of comfort and familiarity. We at Archipelago Hawaii understand that within those painted walls will lay smiles, freshly baked apple pies, wiggling little hands and feet, and sunbeams shining through a photo-framed window pain. Behind one turn of a doorknob will lie priceless moments and memories with the people our clients hold most dear, and we are humbled to be a part of making these precious times possible.

Let us help you turn your house into a home with our Whole Home Design process. From start to finish we promise the best services and quality the islands have to offer, from a kitchen wall demolition down to the patterned silk of your master suite pillow throw. With a strong `ohana business approach, we are able to collaboratively work with an outstanding team of architects, contractors and designers to provide our clients the best possible fit. With all three components incorporated into the process at once, you are able to seamlessly craft an entire space that is both beautiful and functional for your personal lifestyle. No project is ever the same, and we proudly use our many years of experience and credibility to create a specific process that we know will be both time and cost efficient while fulfilling all our clients’ wishes. We understand that every single detail matters, and with our strong team effort we are successful in crafting a home that is both creatively unique and lavishly opulent.

A house is just a structure until you are able to give it your own meaning, and we at Archipelago Hawaii pride ourselves in being able to bring our clients the home of their dreams with a genuine business service they can trust. We treat each project as if it was our own, and we fervently work to provide our clients with an exquisite oasis to create memories to last a lifetime.