How to approach a new design project

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We recently received the following question from one of our Facebook fans:

“Do your designs for a space just pop in your head when you are looking at that space, or do you need time to sit and think about it?”

Archipelago Hawaii president and designer by trade Tiare Pinto shares her approach to design on our blog:

Effective interior design is a combination of creativity and functionality. Emotion stimulates creativity, while goals drive functionality.

When meeting with a client, I explore their dream for the space and take note of how they will use it. As I walk into the space and get an overall feel for it as a whole, images start to pop into my mind as fragments.

I then return to our office to draw sketches for the space and collect inspiration from the client’s list of wants. Those fragments in my mind start to become whole.

Interior design really is a combination of letting ideas immediately pop into your head and taking the time to sit and think. A good cup of coffee is always nice, too!

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