How to decide what type of shower or tub is right for your bathroom

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Our Facebook fans ask us for advice on home décor, kitchen and bath renovations, and more. Here’s a question we received from one of our fans looking to redesign his/her master bathroom:

“How can I decide what type of shower or tub is right for my bathroom?”

When designing your bathroom, it is important to balance visual appeal and functionality while also keeping in mind the amount of space with which you have to work. Tiare Pinto shares her tips for selecting the right shower or tub for your space:

  • Walk-in showers are the most convenient because they don’t need an enclosure and at about four-feet by four-feet, they require a minimal amount of space. A lovely feature of walk-in showers is having many options for spa-like treatments such as body sprays and rainheads, as shown in the examples below of Imperial Gray, Compact Sophistication, and A Room with a View.
Imperial Gray bathroom
Compact Sophistication bathroom
A Room with a View bathroom
  • Freestanding tubs can make the perfect eye-catching statement piece in a bathroom, but they require a large amount of space. Because freestanding tubs are deep, it can be challenging to step in and out of one; consider saving the tub for special occasions and incorporating an additional shower for everyday use, as shown in Auloa Mist and Kama‘aina Contemporary.
Auloa Mist bathroom
Kamaaina Comtemporary bathroom
  • Built-in tubs are multi-functional. As a dual tub-and-shower combination, they can fit in tighter areas and save space, as shown in The Ohana Place. A built-in tub is a wise choice for a smaller bathroom because it gives the illusion of a more open space.
The Ohana Place bathroom

If you’re still having a tough time narrowing down your choices, ask yourself this question: “Will I actually use a tub?” Although beautiful, tubs often sound like a good idea but are rarely used; a large walk-in shower may be of better use of space compared to a tub-and-shower combination.