Maximizing storage with built-ins

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Our next Design Minds question comes from a Facebook fan looking to increase storage space in his home:

“How can I maximize storage space in my home without purchasing bulky or unnecessary furniture?”

Although we specialize in kitchen and bath renovations, our team is experienced in designing bespoke cabinetry for the entire household. Such cabinetry adds not only value but also much needed organization to our clients’ homes. Here are a few tips to incorporate built-in storage into your home:

  • Look for bed frames with built-in storage:
    In order to keep the master bedroom of our Touch of Asia home as relaxing as possible, we selected a bed frame with built-in drawers to keep shoes, linens and other items out of sight yet within reach, minimizing clutter and maximizing Zen.
Touch of Asia under the bed storage
  • Install a closet system:
    Built-in closet systems are typically composed of a combination of drawers, shelves, hanging racks and storage boxes to make the closet as functional as possible.

    In addition to renovating the master bedroom and bathroom of our Auloa Mist project, we also installed a custom built-in dresser and closet system in the walk-in closet. Perfectly matching the bathroom’s cabinetry and Costa Esmeralda granite countertops, the closet visually ties together all elements of the master suite. The single rod on the far left keeps the homeowner’s dresses organized, while the adjacent shelving unit features two rods to accommodate twice as many shirts and blouses.

Auloa Mist closet system
  • Opt for a dressing room:
    There are reach-in closets, and there are walk-in closets. And then there are dressing rooms, the grandest ones of all. From the travertine floors to the lauhala covered ceilings, the dressing room of the Paiko Lagoon Oasis is the ultimate in luxury and organization.

    Custom wardrobes in a dark cherry burl outfitted with drawers and frosted glass doors keep the room tidy, while open shelving showcases heirloom pieces and family photos. The island in the center of the room includes built-in shelves to store shoes and an ornately carved marble countertop, perfect for laying out one’s clothing when putting an outfit together.

Paiko Lagoon Oasis dressing room
  • Corral kitchen clutter with a pantry:
    To keep the kitchen of Lanikai Blue clutter-free, our team built a custom pantry in the hallway leading from the kitchen to a wine cellar.

    A deep counter on the left provides just the right amount of space to open a new bottle of wine, while the shallow shelves on the right keep items clearly visible and within reach.

Lanikai Blue pantry
  • Install pullout drawers:
    If you’d prefer to not sacrifice kitchen space, take inspiration from our Hale Aina by the Sea home with its pullout drawers instead of a separate pantry.

    Tucked away behind a door to blend in with the rest of the kitchen’s cabinetry, these drawers can be pulled out when needed, making it easier to retrieve items that would otherwise be hidden at the back of the cabinet.

Hale Aina by the Sea kitchen cabinet with pullout drawers
  • Use existing walls to your advantage: 
    This customized room-dividing wall helps to separate Koolau Retreat’s eat-in kitchen from the living room and home office, all while keeping the living space open and airy. Added bonus: it houses the living room’s TV, has built-in shelving and features cutout accents to showcase the homeowners’ unique pieces.
Koolau Retreat divider wall

By incorporating under-the-bed storage, custom cabinets to your kitchen or divider walls to any space, you can maximize the storage space within your home without sacrificing quality. Skip the cube shelves, dressers and other inexpensive furnishings, and speak with our team to learn how you can invest in quality cabinetry that will stand the test of time, add value to your home and provide ample space for organizing your rooms.