Redesigning a Home for Empty Nesters

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This month’s Design Minds question is from homeowners who are transitioning to the next phase in their lives:

“How can my husband and I redesign our home now that we’ve become empty nesters?”

There are many redesign options for empty nesters who would rather stay in their current home than downsize to a smaller space. Tiare Pinto shares her design tips for creating those personalized rooms for the “you time” you’ve always wanted!

  • Build your dream kitchen
    With your home a little emptier now, consider undertaking that kitchen remodel you’ve always talked about. Turn that area in which you simply cook your meals into a gourmet chef’s paradise by upgrading your cabinetry and appliances, and painting the walls a brighter color to open up the space. Also consider converting a closet into your dream wine cellar, like the homeowners of our Lanikai Blue project. With such incredible wine selections just a few steps away, you’ll have an even better time entertaining your friends and family with elegant, gourmet wine pairing dinners.
Lanikai Blue wine cellar
  • Create the ultimate man cave
    Rather than leaving your kid’s bedroom to gather dust, use the empty space to create the man cave of your dreams! The room can serve as both an office as well as a personalized space for dad to watch the big game or unwind after work. This man cave from our Bay House project features a convenient wet bar with sturdy barstools and a beverage center, perfect for entertaining friends. A few extra touches include TV with surround sound (with soundproofing in the walls, of course) and comfy lounging chairs for the ultimate in relaxation. And the best part is, mom will have the rest of the house to herself!
Bay House man cave
  • Craft your way to a sewing haven
    Another great use of an empty room is to turn it into your own personal sewing area. Now is the time to tackle all of those great ideas that you said you’d “get to eventually.”

    Transform the space into a designated area where you can leave out all the spare parts of your projects that are underway. And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of sewing; this room can also serve as a workstation for all your crafting needs.

    We love the Zoom-Room Murphy Bed, a perfect solution to the question of convertible space. These beds retract at the push of a button, providing you with the option of using the beds when you have guests over, and tucking them away when you don’t.

Photo courtesy of David Law Custom Cabinetry

Just because you find yourself with a few spare rooms doesn’t mean you should let the space go to waste. With these design options, you’re sure to create new favorite rooms in your home…at least until your kids come back for the holidays!