Kamaʻaina Contemporary: Light Up Your Space, Light Up Your Life

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Good lighting does more than just brighten up a room. The right lighting in the right place can take your space to a whole new level. Take a look at our Kamaʻaina Contemporary project for innovative ways to layer and coordinate lighting in your own home!

Kamaaina Contemporary lighting

Opt for lighting instead of walls.

Sometimes the best way to divide a room is with a variety of lighting fixtures and styles.

The homeowners of our Kamaʻaina Contemporary project wanted an open floor plan in the kitchen, bar and formal dining areas.

We chose specific lighting fixtures that both coordinated and defined these spaces.

We created visual interest in each room by integrating lighting fixtures of assorted textures, shapes and sizes. While the pendants above the bar are square with a textured quality, the pendants above the informal kitchen dining table are rectangular with a white fabric shade.

Use similar fixtures and fixture designs throughout the home to create cohesion.

Though lighting can be used to delineate spaces in an open floor plan, it’s also important to create a feeling of unity and consistency as you move from room to room.

In this project, we selected frosted glass pendant fixtures for the kitchen and bar area for an elegant look that seamlessly transitions between the spaces. Frosted glass pendant lighting can, in fact, be found throughout the home!

Kamaaina Contemporary

Establish a strong source of general light.

Creating sufficient ambient lighting is incredibly important when illuminating a room.

In order to establish a strong source of general light in the kitchen, dining and living spaces, we installed CREE LED recessed can lighting, which further highlights the home’s cohesive style.

This lighting bathes the walls with light, and creates a warm vibe throughout each room.

Kamaaina Contemporary

Layer lighting throughout the space.

Blend general, accent and task lighting to create a well-lit, luxurious home that reflects your style. In the Kamaʻaina Contemporary project we integrated CREE LED recessed lighting with under cabinet task lighting throughout the kitchen, allowing the homeowners to indulge in their love of cooking.

Under cabinet task lighting was also installed above the built-in desk near the bar to create a brighter, more functional work space.

We created even more ambient light with ceiling fixture pendant lights and chandeliers throughout the open space.

Kamaaina Contemporary

Don’t skimp on decorative fixtures – invest in quality!

When lighting your home, don’t hesitate to splurge on a few decorative lighting fixtures.

The Philips Forecast Isobar frosted glass pendant lights above the kitchen bar are subtle fixtures that provide task lighting over the bar area, while adding a luxurious touch to the space without sacrificing functionality.

After all, a few beautiful fixtures can serve as the jewelry of your interiors—the finishing touch that gives each space that “something special!”

Kamaaina Contemporary

This award-winning project will make you rethink how you light up your spaces! From delineating rooms to brightening up a space, strategic lighting is a fundamental aspect of successful home design. After all, a beautiful home means nothing without the proper lighting to illuminate it!