Spotlight on a Home’s Lighting Plan

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan looking to breathe life—and light—back into her home:

“What’s the best way to lighten up a room’s mood?”

Proper lighting is fundamental to any home, and serves as one of the key elements in crafting your home’s personality. When your space is poorly lit, it’s not only a safety concern, but it also alters the aesthetic quality and personality of your home. Light up your space with the help of these design tips!

Identify the function of each room, and the ambiance that you wish to create.
Take both functionality and aesthetics into consideration when deciding what type of lighting to use in your home. Identify what activities will occur in each room of your house: will the space be used for entertaining friends? For indulging your passion for gourmet cooking?

Bluestone Reimagined kitchen
Bluestone Reimagined dining

This kitchen from our Bluestone Reimagined project uses under cabinet lighting and light from the stove’s range hood to aide the homeowners with preparing the many meals they enjoy at home.

Combine different types of lighting.
It’s important to mix different types of lighting to achieve the look and feel you desire in your space. There are three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient, or general, lighting serves as the primary light that illuminates the whole room. Task lighting helps to assist homeowners in performing specific tasks or activities, like reading, cooking, doing laundry or engaging in a hobby. Accent lighting adds drama and personality to a room, and highlights decorative elements like artwork and wall textures. Take a look at some of our favorite projects that effortlessly blend ambient, accent and task lighting to create brilliant spaces full of life and personality:

In the living room of our Waikiki Chic project, ambient lighting takes the form of lamps and a lighted ceiling fan. The Artemis Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire Fans features an integrated halogen lamp that is fully dimmable, perfect for adjusting the room’s ambiance and mood. The Hubbardton Stasis Table lamp and Forge Stasis Floor lamp are elegant lighting fixtures that create a tranquil living environment for the homeowners, while washing the living room walls in light.

Waikiki Chic living room

These elegant cut-out shelves in our Modern Kitchen project, already bathed in ambient light, use accent lighting to highlight a few of their prized sculptures and works of art.

This accent lighting creates visual interest on the spotlighted pieces, and draws visitors’ eyes to the items on display.

Modern Kitchens

Our Ohana Place project, which is well-lit with a variety of lighting fixtures, also features a pendant light above the dining island for task lighting.

This Alexis Regular Pendant by Forecast Lighting is an elegant fixture that highlights the home’s luxurious atmosphere, while providing the necessary light for the homeowners as they dine!

Ohana Place

Take advantage of natural light
In Hawaii, where our daylight hours remain consistent throughout the year, we can and should take advantage of natural lighting that comes from our beautiful outdoors. The Neoteric Classic home project does just that with its rows of awning-style windows and pocket doors, perfect for homeowners looking to create a well-lit home that reflects an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

The Neoteric Classic
Bluestone Reimagined dining

Keeping these design tips in mind, you’re sure to light up your night—and home—when planning the lighting in your space!