Rethinking Your Kitchen for the Holidays

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, especially during the holiday season. It’s the hub of the cooking action, and the gathering place where family and friends can catch up, sip a cocktail, and watch the Thanksgiving meal come to life. This month, we take a look at three of our projects for inspiring new ways to get your kitchen holiday-ready!

The Ohana Place

  • Merge your dining table and kitchen island to create extra seating space
    Since the kitchen of our Ohana Place project was designed to entertain the homeowners’ grandkids during their weekly visits, we placed an additional dining table next to the kitchen island, creating a relaxing space for the family’s youngest members. The joining island-dining table serves as the perfect place for the kids to site together and watch grandma as she prepares their meals…especially the Thanksgiving turkey!
The Ohana Place dining tables
  • Invest in “splurge” appliances like a double oven
    Add a personalized touch to your kitchen by splurging on a few items if your wish list, like this beautiful set of GE Monogram Electric Convection ovens. A double over certainly is a luxury, but imagine all of the scrumptious, mouthwatering baking good you could concoct with the help of two ovens! Plus, these appliances will save you time during the holidays-use one to cook the turkey, and the other to bake your pumpkin pie.
The Ohana Place double oven

Hale Aina by the Sea

The kitchen in our Hale Aina by the Sea project serves as a Gathering place for the owner’s family while the talented chef prepares meals. With comfy seating and a warm, welcoming vibe, this tropical kitchen is island-ready to host any and all guest during the bustling holiday season!

  • Opt for a “mini” dining table as an island attachment
    Similar to the owners of our Ohana Place project, the owners of Hale Aina by the Sea also incorporated a dining table add-on next to their kitchen island. Though a smaller table that seats only four, this Hale Aina dining table takes advantage of open space in a more compact kitchen, perfect for entertaining kids while the grown-ups socialize around the large prep island.
Hale Aina by the Sea dining tables
  • Create some space for the chef
    The island-dining table combo is also the best place to keep guests entertained while the chef brings the Thanksgiving spread to life! Of course the hosts preparing the food don’t want to feel left out of all the socializing, either. This island with table add-on solves the problem by offering a space right next to the chef for guests to gather and interact, all while creating enough distance for the chef to concentrate and prepare the most delicious Thanksgiving meal!
Hale Aina by the Sea kitchen

Lanikai Blue

When undertaking our Lanikai Blue project, we opened up the kitchen area to the dining room, creating a seamless transition between spaces to set a welcoming tone. Like our Ohana Place kitchen, the kitchen in Lanikai Blue was designed with grandkids in mind, with all design features accommodating the homeowners’ littlest guests. These design features are also perfect for holiday hosting!

  • Utilize your built-ins to accommodate larger groups
    Like the built-ins in Lanikai Blue, your own built-ins will become your new best friend when planning holiday gathering. Take advantage of the extra space that your built-ins offer, like the Lanikai Blue’s open shelving adjacent to the island, or the storage space beneath the built-in bench seat. After all, you’ll need the extra storage room when hosting family and friends during the busy holiday season!
Lanikai Blue built-in storage
  • Take Advantage of longer islands
    If you have a long island like the one in our Lanikai Blue project, consider using it as a buffet table. From roast turkey to fluffy mashed potatoes to tangy cranberry sauce, this island can hold all that and more! Most importantly, the dining tables are just a few steps away from the island, because who doesn’t wish to be closer to the food on Thanksgiving?
Lanikai Blue dining table

You don’t need to undertake a complete remodel to prepare your kitchen for the bustling holiday season. With these design tips, all you have to do is make a few minor changes to see major results.