Creating Timeless Home Design

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This month’s Design Minds questions comes from a fan looking to create timeless whole home design:

“Is it possible to design something that will stay in style long-term?”

Though trends are constantly changing, it’s still possible to design a space, a room, or even a whole home in a style that will last much longer than others. Take a look at a few of our favorite projects that reflect timeless, yet luxurious, design:

  • Rely on natural materials throughout your home
    Natural materials like fine wood, stone, and granite create a sense of permanence and unwavering beauty. Take inspiration from The Ohana Place project, which incorporates solid Cumaru Amarelo wood floors by Pacific Imports International throughout the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Complimenting the hardwood floors are Sollera cabinets in a rich honey maple color. By integrating rich natural materials throughout the home, you’ll create a sense of stability and functionality that is much less likely to go out of fashion.
The Ohana Place kitchen
  • Establish a neutral base for your home
    Let’s be clear: neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Treat your home like a blank canvas by establishing a solid base before incorporating different colors, styles, or textures. For example, check out our Kaimuki Bungalow project. To convey a sense of timelessness and 1950s-era charm, we designed a neutral, clean backdrop before integrating other subtle yet chic details, including subway tile backsplash and butcher block and quartz countertops. A neutral base lets you achieve timeless design while incorporating other bold, stylish fixtures.
Kaimuki Bungalow kitchen
  • Incorporate different styles of décor and fixtures for personality
    When incorporating trendy styles into your home, do so with select pieces. To create a sense of timeless luxury while avoiding dull design, combine a few items or fixtures of different styles and eras. Distinct furnishing with unique appearance or textures will bring out a home’s personality, rather than simply a fad that’s likely to go out of style. Our Shorebreak project is the perfect example-it incorporates a stunning, one-of-a-kind feature: a custom dining room table designed by our very own Tiare Pinto!
Shorebreak dining table
  • Always keep in mind a home’s functionality
    One of the most important aspects of timeless design is functionality. No matter how beautiful or luxurious a home may appear, it does nothing for the homeowner if it’s not a practical space in which to live. Our Island Tranquility project represents this vital element, particularly in its design features that cater specifically to the homeowners. In the kitchen, for example, we lowered the baker’s island with prep sink to accommodate the homeowner, who suffers from back and arm injuries. This new, customized countertop allows her to cut at a level that doesn’t cause pain. We value these little, albeit important, details that truly make for a timeless home.
Island Tranquility kitchen

It’s easy to create a design that is rooted in timelessness. By incorporating these design tips into your next project, whether it be tackling a single room or the whole home, you’re guaranteed to execute enduring luxury design that still reflects your home’s unique character!