Design Tips: Trending Styles for 2016

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Have you been reading up on this year’s latest design trends? From standout prints to sustainable design features, our team at Archipelago Hawaii has seen—and done—it all. Here are some tips from Tiare Pinto on how you can incorporate this year’s most popular trends into your own space.


Going Green

With people becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, “going green” is now a staple in interior design. Since our start, Archipelago Hawaii has been committed to designing homes that merge sophistication with sustainability.

A perfect example is our Sustainable Style at Waʻahila Ridge project, a LEED Certified Platinum Home that excels in green design without compromising luxury or functionality.

A few sustainable features include Low VOC paint, Myratec recycled lumber, and high-end Energy Star appliances, all of which are used throughout the home.

LEED Certified Platinum Home by Archipelago Hawaii

Statement Lighting Fixtures

Ewa-lution light fixture
This year, lighting is all about making a statement. Statement fixtures can serve as focal points and will shake up an entire room’s style. Because the lighting fixtures you choose serve as a focal point of any space, brighten it up with bolder, daring choices.

Take inspiration from our in-progress Ewa-lution project, which boasts a stunning, custom-made lighting feature: hand-blown, aqua glass globes hanging at varied lengths. This fixture is a breathtaking addition to the living room and adds a touch of drama and illumination to a formerly dark space.

Tropical Designs

Though the tropical motif is forecasted to come into style once more, our team at Archipelago Hawaii has been playing with this print forever. One of Tiare’s favorite prints is Monstera, which has a gorgeous organic shape and provides an elegant background for colorful highlights.

For unique ways to incorporate tropical prints into your home, take a look at our Bay House project, which incorporates Monstera in a stand-out accent tile in the master bathroom.

Accent tile with tropical motif in master bath

Organic Shapes

Basin with organic, freeform shape
Organic shapes that display soft, rounded corners are making a comeback and will enhance the personality of any room. This trend toward organic styles and shapes applies to everything from furniture to dining tables to lighting fixtures.

If you’re wondering what form organic shapes take in home décor, check out our bathroom in Compact Sophistication. This project features a rounded, oval mirror as well as Porcher’s “Zen” sink, a unique freeform basin that perfectly compliments the space.

Artisan Products

Artisan products are making their way back into style! Our design experts are encouraging homeowners to experiment with vintage, globally crafted goods and products, which adds unique flairs of personality into your space.

Start small with a few signature pieces, like the teak cabinet in the Bay House. We transformed this cabinet from Bali into an elegant vanity and finished it with a custom vessel ceramic sink, handcrafted by artisan Albert Molina of Maui Ceramics.

Teak artisan bathroom vanity


Do you have a question for Tiare about incorporating a trending style into your own home? Share with us in the comments below!