Fall in Love with Your Kitchen

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How to fall in love with your kitchen


A kitchen is more than just the space where you cook your meals. For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends gather together to laugh, share stories, and make memories. According to the recent 2016 US Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey, homeowners are moving toward the creation of a “super kitchen,” a room that serves many purposes while incorporating the features and functions of other living spaces. Check out these tips for inspiring new ways to create a space through a renovation, remodel or new construction that blends perfectly with your lifestyle.

1. Bring people closer together with a built-in dining table

When hosting friends and family, it’s often difficult for the chef to cook the meal while mingling with guests. To bridge the distance, consider a dining table that you can attach to your kitchen island. The kitchen of our Hale Aina By The Sea project is the perfect example of rethinking the functionality of your kitchen. The built-in dining table is the perfect space for an intimate dinner or a family brunch; best of all, the chef can prepare a delicious meal without feeling left out!
Kitchen with built-in dining table

2. Balance luxury and functionality in your kitchen

If you want to fall in love with your kitchen again, take into consideration not only what looks beautiful, but also what will be practical for your lifestyle. Our team at Archipelago Hawaii is committed to designing exquisite homes that function perfectly for our clients. Take for example our Island Tranquility project. The homeowner of Island Tranquility had suffered back and arm injuries, which made chopping and preparing food very difficult. In order to accommodate the homeowner, we lowered the island and prep sink to allow her to work at a height that didn’t cause her pain.
Luxuriously remodeled kitchen with examples of functionality

3. Let your personality shine through in your kitchen

Personalized details truly turn a house into a home. Just like you would a living room or master bedroom, let your personality shine through when redesigning your kitchen. The serene, indoor-outdoor atmosphere of island life inspired the homeowners of our Shorebreak project. To stay true to their lifestyle, we installed turquoise colored subway tile for the backsplash and installed a unique dining table with a stunning coral sculpture as its base—designed by our very own Tiare Pinto! By using this bold statement piece, we successfully captured the personality of our homeowners while designing a functional space.
Luxury kitchen with statement pieces

4. Blend spaces by adding a built-in desk to your kitchen

According to the 2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey, many homeowners today are updating their kitchens to include features that are normally associated with living rooms and workspaces, such as built-in desks. Take inspiration from our Bluestone Reimagined project, which rethinks the traditional purpose of a kitchen by installing a convenient built-in desk that extends from the countertop. A built-in desk is the perfect example of how kitchens serve multiple purposes for its homeowners.
Remodeled kitchen with built-in desk

5. Don’t discount the importance of a kitchen’s storage space

Homeowners understand the frustration of finding places to store their pots, pans, and cutlery. When redesigning your kitchen, cut the clutter by creating additional cabinet space and drawers. When tackling our Island Tranquility project, we provided homeowners with ample storage space to maximize the functionality of their kitchen. Pullout drawers are a great place to store clunky blenders and extra containers of seasoning. We also created a customized coffee pod holder to make the homeowners’ lives a little easier.
Remodeled kitchen with multiple storage options

Though a kitchen redesign may seem daunting, our team at Archipelago Hawaii can help you create your own super kitchen that accommodates both your wants as well as your needs. This year, transform your kitchen into a space with which you truly fall in love!