Investing in Luxury with Quality Cabinetry

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan looking to undertake a remodeling project without blowing her budget:

“I’ve noticed that kitchen remodels can be very expensive, particularly the cabinetry. Why should I invest in a high-end remodel when on the surface all cabinets look alike?”
Laurent Chouari of Archipelago Hawaii
When considering renovations on a budget, it’s important to set priorities and look at the lasting value of the items you are selecting.

At Archipelago Hawaii, our goal is to help our clients find quality options that don’t break the bank.

Our Design Engineer Laurent Chouari has tips for approaching quality cabinetry when you’re on a budget:

Invest in quality cabinet materials

Think about the long-term costs of your hardware, wood, and materials. The construction of an object that costs more often lasts much longer than their inexpensive counterparts. When shopping for cabinet pieces for your home, make sure to evaluate the unseen factors of quality such as the grades of the wood used and the quality of the finish.

Don’t forget about the little details

Remodeled kitchen with multiple storage options
Our team has experience ordering from a variety of manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. We know how crucial it is to check all the details of an order.

Flying in a missing part could end up being quite expensive and may significantly delay a project.

As a company, we at Archipelago Hawaii work not just on the design of your home, but also on ordering all the materials you need and getting them to the jobsite.

Incorporate functional accessories into your cabinets

Opt for necessary accessories in your home. Sollera, one of our favorite vendors for fine home cabinetry offers cabinet accessories that efficiently store and organize your items.

From Space Corner Drawers to Trash Pullouts, their add-ons cut clutter and are a great luxury investment.

Remodeled kitchen with multiple storage options

Don’t forgo luxury when it comes to cabinetry

Remodeled kitchen with multiple storage options
Just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor décor. Choose a design that makes you happy and hire a designer that will assemble the right colors and textures for your home.

At Archipelago Hawaii, we work with a range of manufacturers, which gives us more options to achieve the look our client desires. Based on your wishes and price range, we’ll help you choose the style that best compliments your project.

Know your cabinetry products

Don’t go into a remodeling project blind. Do your research and figure out what products work best and can be installed for less.

When it comes to cabinet options, our design experts suggest frameless cabinetry over framed. In frameless construction, there’s no face frame and the cabinet doors attach directly to the sides of the cabinet box. This aspect allows for maximized storage space, is easier to install and is therefore cheaper in cost. We suggest a frameless box construction in at least 5/8’’ thick plywood on adjustable legs.
Luxurious kitchen remodel in Hawaii

Our team at Archipelago Hawaii knows how overwhelming it can be to find excellent products for convenient prices. By following these design tips however, your home will look top quality while staying under budget.