Designing a Smart Closet

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Designing a Smart Closet

The purpose of a closet has changed over time. What used to function primarily as a storage space for clothing, jewelry and other belongings has evolved into an alcove or separate room designed to showcase a homeowner’s personality. While we have witnessed this design trend, our team at Archipelago Hawaii believes that the best spaces always integrate luxury with functionality. Our Paiko Lagoon Oasis project features a show-stopping walk-in closet that breathes life into the home, while meeting all of the homeowners’ wants and needs. Let our team walk you through the design process and explain how to create a practical space of your own while maintaining elegance and beauty.

1. Take inventory of your belongings

Before you tackle the aesthetic look of your closet, take inventory of all your belongings to determine the type of space you’ll need. In this project, we took into consideration the vertical length required for storing short, medium and tall items, as well as the shelving space required for folded items and larger accessories. Other elements to consider are drawer space, shoe count, and the types of accessories in the homeowners’ possession. With this information, our design team will lay out a closet to accommodate all of the homeowners’ storage needs along with a little room for personalized extras.

2. Choose functional lighting that accentuates your space

Smart closet with functional lighting Proper lighting is a vital consideration when tackling your closet. Blend general, task and accent lighting to ensure that your closet is well-lit and highlights your favorite things. Strategic lighting choices in our Paiko Lagoon Oasis project added personality and drama to the wardrobe. Approaching the space practically, we installed recessed lights in the soffit to create general lighting. All the lights can be dimmed to create different moods at different times of the day. The stunning, central chandelier also brightens up and balances the space.

From a more stylistic approach, we lit the curved, glass shelves on the end units to bring a sense of drama to the wardrobe. The cabinets also feature lights behind frosted glass doors for a soft glow and provides guests with a hint of what’s behind the glass. We also incorporated accent lighting in the alcove and shelving to highlight the homeowners’ art collection. Through strategic lighting choices, we added personality to the space while ensuring that the wardrobe met the homeowners’ needs.

3. Invest in a dressing island

Smart closet with dressing island

If you have the space, consider investing in a dressing island that you can position in the center of the room.

A dressing island is the perfect place to leave some of your belongings or lay out your wardrobe options. Choose an island that offers a variety of drawers and shelves to maximize your storage space.

The dressing island in Paiko features pull out drawers around its sides and open shelves at a perfect height for storing the homeowners’ shoes and other clunky objects.

4. Find new ways to bring visual interest to the room

Whatever closet you’re working with, you can add your own flair to the space by focusing on the quality of your details. Take inspiration from the wardrobe in Paiko, which was designed as the entry to the home’s master suite. To fulfill its function as both entryway and closet, we paid close attention to small details that ultimately enabled the wardrobe to stand out in an elegant, spectacular way. For example, we designed an art display wall facing the closet’s dressing island, providing the backdrop for the master bed on the opposite side, which overlooks the dazzling Pacific Ocean. The space also features a tray ceiling raised higher than the rest of the closet to create visual interest and add a more dramatic touch to the room. In Paiko Lagoon Oasis, the tray ceiling also heightens the intensity of the stunning chandelier.

5. Attain a sense of balance in your space

At the crux of any design project is attaining a sense of balanced composition. This means creating stability in a room so that, although a few focal points may exist, the overall feel of the space is neutral and balanced.

Smart closet with symmetry

The symmetry in our Paiko project is unparalleled—though we played with various textures and hues, all of our design choices worked together to integrate into a seamless, symmetrical whole.

By blending the dark cherry wood of the custom wardrobe with the stunning marble countertop and brilliant lighting, we created a completely balanced design that is practical and exudes elegance and luxury.

You can make the most of your closet, whether it’s a small alcove or a walk-in style. With these design tips, we hope you’ll take inspiration from one of our favorite projects and invest in your closet the smart way!