Give your kitchen a new beginning with built-ins

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Kitchen built-ins

This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who’s rethinking the empty space in her kitchen:

“My kitchen has some ‘dead space’ in the back corner. How can I best make use of it?”

When tackling any project in your kitchen, consider your current needs and whether your space can serve that particular function. There are many ways to craft a space that is both beautiful and functional, and our team at Archipelago Hawaii is comprised of experts at attaining that balance. Take a look at a few of our favorite projects that utilize a variety of built-ins to maximize open space and address your individual kitchen needs.

Rethink where you work

Kitchen with built-in desk Make the most of the counter space in your kitchen by integrating a built-in desk area. This handy workspace is the perfect place to check emails while enjoying your morning coffee or research recipes for dinner.

Our Kamaʻaina Contemporary project makes the most of every open space in the kitchen, crafting out an alcove for a built-in desk near the wet bar. Opt for cabinets near or above the desk to maximize storage and organization options.

Create convenience by combining your kitchen and laundry room

Combine your kitchen and laundry room with built-ins

When utilizing built-ins, it’s important to keep in mind the immediate needs of your home. This means achieving a balance between aesthetic quality and practical advantages.

Our Simply Elegant project is the perfect example of how your built-ins can serve both a needed function while exhibiting beauty and luxury.

By integrating the laundry room into the kitchen, we maximized space for our clients while allowing their kitchen to serve multiple purposes. We concealed the washing machine with a marble counter and wood panel that compliments the rest of their kitchen while displaying a sleek appearance.

Furnish for entertainment and style

Built-in aquarium Just because your kitchen’s primary function is where you cook meals doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of your personality. We thought outside of the box when tackling our Bay House project and installed a custom mini bar and stunning aquarium—both of which make the kitchen entirely unique.

The oversized floor to ceiling aquarium exudes a modern ambiance while the mahogany-mango combination wood of the mini bar compliments the kitchen’s color scheme. Both features exhibit the homeowners’ personalities while making the most of a little dead space.

Built-in wall niches Another way to breathe life into an empty space is to incorporate recessed wall niches, as seen in our Modern Kitchens project.

We stylized the space with strategic accent lighting and dynamic shelving to give the kitchen a more contemporary look. These shelves are the perfect place to showcase beloved artwork or sculptures.

Make room for a room divider

If you’re looking to maintain an open floor plan while still distinguishing one room from another, consider remodeling your kitchen to feature a built-in room divider. They help to make sense of a large space while maintaining the open, flexible floor plan that you desire.

Living space with built-in room divider Take inspiration from our Koolau Retreat project, which features a built-in divider to separate the kitchen from the living room. This room divider also serves as a television and console holder, and provides another opportunity to showcase artwork with elegant wall niches.

The kitchen is so much more than just the room where you whip up your favorite dishes. With these design tips, you’re guaranteed to rethink the potential of this multipurpose space and create a room that works perfectly for your lifestyle.