Creating a Beachy Haven

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Design Tips: How to Create a Beachy Haven

At Archipelago Hawaii we’re constantly looking for new ways to blend luxury and sophistication with our signature island themes. One of our favorite projects that showcases this subtle combination is Lanikai Blue! The homeowners of our Lanikai Blue project desired a soft, beachy palette for their kitchen remodel. Our designer extraordinare Tiare Pinto shares how her team transformed this 1950s kitchen into a modern, coastal haven…and how you can do the same!

Open up the space with light colors

Lighter hues are perfect for instantly creating the illusion of a larger room. If you’re going for a fresh, outdoor look, select creamier shades. To make the room appear even larger, consider painting the walls and ceiling the same color.
Primarily white kitchen with blue accents
For our Lanikai Blue project, we created a tranquil, beachy ambiance using white as our base color and incorporating lighter shades of blue in the cabinets and recessed walls, creating visual interest in the space.

We also added character to our simple white sink by adding a smoky blue backsplash. The natural brown chairs and tables further enhanced the organic style.

Stylize with eye-catching decor

Eye-catching, hand blown glass pendant lights
Select a statement piece that fits with the theme of the room.

In the center of the Lanikai Blue kitchen, we chose custom hand blown glass pendant lights in a delicate blue color.

The sea glass-inspired design harmonizes with the subtle blue details of the room. We added an open display cabinet painted a soft blue to draw visual interest from the main dining room to the end of the island.

Take advantage of the island views

Living in Hawaii, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by breathtaking, tropical views. Take advantage of these gorgeous sights by opting for open, oversized windows to bring in the outside warmth.

Oversized windows offer ocean views
In our Lanikai Blue project, we installed venting windows above the built-in banquet for refreshing cross ventilation.

This strategic choice resulted in a brighter, well-lit space that feels inspired by its island environment.

Add contrast with playful textures

Though one of the most important design elements, texture is often overshadowed by more noticeable elements. Our team at Archipelago Hawaii, however, recognizes the importance of incorporating all design elements into our projects through various types of fabrics, furniture pieces, and even glasses.

Wicker chairs offer a casual, beachside feel through texture
In our Lanikai Blue project, wicker chairs accompany the built-in banquet to add a natural textile to the kitchen design.

They contrast with the smooth surfaces in the rest of the space and give the room a casual, beachside feel.

To bring the outdoors in and give our Lanikai Blue kitchen a dash of coastal charm, we incorporated light, creamy colors, custom lights, venting windows and subtle textures. We hope our Lanikai Blue project will inspire you to create a beachy escape in your own home!