How to determine your design style

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who’s looking to define her style:

“How do I know what my design style is?”

Identifying your own design style is a vital part of transforming your house into a home. It’s important to incorporate your own style and personality when undertaking any project, whether it’s a small-scale kitchen redesign or a whole home remodel. The question is, how do you figure out what exactly is your style? What if you find yourself drawn to different styles that are reflective of different eras? Our team at Archipelago Hawaii says—that’s okay! Rather than pigeonhole you into a single style, we hope these tips will inspire you to discover one that’s unique and perfect for you.

1. Take a cue from your lifestyle

Determine your design aesthetic by looking at your lifestyle.
One of the best ways to determine your design aesthetic is to take inspiration from your lifestyle. Maybe you love spending time near the mountains or in the sea. Reflect this preference with beachy hues, large windows or an open floor plan to mimic your indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Or perhaps you prefer a more cozy, comfortable space. In that case, your design style may be more traditional, with a focus on comfort, elegance and symmetry. Let your lifestyle choices guide your design choices so you can create a space that blends perfectly with your lifestyle.

2. Take inventory of the things you already own

Assess your current furnishings and fixtures.
Before you consider investing in new furniture pieces or fixtures to change up your design style, take a moment to assess the things you currently own, including sofas, tables, dressers, light fixtures or clothes. Take note of not only the items that you love, but also the things that you could live without. By knowing your preferences, you’ll start to get a better sense of your design style, and ultimately create a space that reflects it.

3. Pay attention to trends in your belongings

Do your pieces and fixtures set a trend?
While taking inventory of your likes and dislikes, be on the lookout for common trends or themes in your belongings. Have you ever looked at your wardrobe or furniture pieces and thought, “these work well together!” The trends you notice in your fixtures and furnishings can reveal a lot about your design style by demonstrating what type of items you’re most attracted to. Taking note of trends in your home will help you discover what styles you naturally gravitate to and, eventually, what your own design style is.

4. Take inspiration from your favorite projects

Inspiration pieces for your home design project
One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to discover your own personal style is to look through your favorite magazines and publications. You’ll take inspiration from the homes and projects that stand out to you on the page. Don’t feel limited to print—check out your favorite brands on Facebook and Pinterest, or look up blogs like Archipelago Hawaii! Each designer has his or her own signature style, and you may find yourself drawn to a mix of different styles. Explore the designs that are out there, and then inspire yourself to discover your own!

There are many ways to determine what design style works for you. Above all, don’t feel pressured to characterize your style by popular/trending labels. Design styles are constantly changing, and are specific to each individual. We hope these tips will inspire you to discover the style that will help you transform your house into a home!