Reexamining your living room flow

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who wants to give her living room a makeover:

“How can I rearrange my living room to get a better flow?”

We understand the desire for a change. Sometimes you need to create a new vibe in your home, and what better place to start than in your living room? Here’s some advice from our style expert Tiare Pinto on how to reexamine your living room and rejuvenate the space!

1. Breathe life—and air—into the room

Cross ventilation is key for open concept rooms
Proper airflow is essential to creating a comfortable and livable space. If you’re opting for a home remodel, keep cross ventilation top of mind.

Check out our Sustainable Style at Waahila Ridge project, which blends high-end luxury with eco-friendly design. When undertaking this project, we reviewed the home’s layout for passive cooling and created cross ventilation in the new living space.

By installing clerestory venting windows upstairs and a series of fans directly above the space, we successfully kept hot air out and welcomed in the refreshing island breeze.

2. Maintain an open floor plan

The floor plan of any space helps to define its tone. The last thing you want is a room that feels cramped, boring or stuffy.

Living room with open floor plan
Take inspiration from the open and inviting living room in our Bay House project. We kept the entry way to the outdoor lanai as open as possible, a strategy that makes the room more inviting.

We also allowed the furniture to float in the space, rather than simply pushing it against the wall—this creates a warmer, more welcoming space for guests.

3. Add personality with unique accessories

As designers, one of our favorite techniques is to add personality to a room in subtle ways. All of our projects are unique, and reflect the distinct styles of our homeowners.

Use accessories to open a living room's flow
Our Neoteric Classic project is the perfect example of transforming a home into a very distinctive space through the use of refined details.

One of the most notable aspects of the Neoteric Classic is its lighting fixtures, which highlight the home’s overall industrial style. The conical glass pendant lights by Achille Castiglioni and the Lumens modern fans in the living room work together to create a memorable living space.

4. Break down your walls

Sometimes the best way to create a new vibe in your living room is to start truly anew! Rather than moving around your furniture to open the space, consider breaking down your interior walls and expanding the space by melding the living room with the kitchen area.
Break down walls to open your living room
Though more of an investment, this decision can make your living room feel like a brand new space, as seen in our Mauka to Makai project.

By joining your living room and your kitchen, you’ll produce a more open and inviting vibe while creating more space to entertain your guests.

There are many ways—small and large—to transform your living room into a brand new space. We hope these tips will inspire you to take another look at your living space and make some bold changes with exciting results!