Incorporate coastal interior design into your home

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Coastal Interior Design

It’s hard to deny the beauty and charm of coastal interior design in Hawaii. The coastal look transports you to the sandy shores of your favorite beach while evoking feelings of peace and tranquility. At Archipelago Hawaii, coastal style is one of our favorites to create for our homeowners. Whether you’re overlooking the ocean or living in the middle of a concrete jungle, let our very own Tiare Pinto show you how to replicate coastal cool style in your home.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of light

Lighting may be one of the most important features when tackling a coastal-inspired interior design project. The coastal look is comfy yet energizing, reminding us of long walks along the beach while soaking up the sun.

Natural lighting with large windows in Archipelago Hawaii-designed home
Key to achieving this vibe in your own home is proper, natural lighting.

Take a cue from the kitchen of our Lanikai Blue project, filled with light from the large venting windows above the built-in banquette.

These windows offer ample natural lighting while bringing the outdoors in.

We also chose beachy hues when painting the Lanikai Blue kitchen. By using white as the base color and incorporating lighter shades of blue in the cabinets and recessed walls, we created a coastal ambiance that feels inspired by the home’s island environment.

2. Dare to use fun and festive fabrics

When designing coastal interiors, don’t be afraid to incorporate fun and beachy fabrics into your home. Some homeowners are hesitant to select tropical prints for fear of making their home appear too kitschy; however, as interior designers, we believe in designing an island-inspired space that’s also chic and tasteful. A fine balance between beachy and luxury can easily be achieved by subtly incorporating island décor.

Beach-inspired fabrics with tropical prints
Our Waikiki Gold Coast project dares to be different with its vibrant coastal hues and patterns.

This beach house-inspired vacation rental exudes coastal charm in a tasteful way, using select tropical features like the Coral Frosty Green rug from Jaipur’s Coastal Living Collection and the plush teal throw pillows, all of which reflect the simple, seaside lifestyle.

3. Incorporate organic materials into your home

Organic materials are perfect when you’re creating casual, beachside feel to your home. Natural fibers like wicker, grass and wood bring warmth into your space that truly encompasses the coastal lifestyle.

Dining room with natural materials like wicker and wood
Take inspiration from our Island Tranquility project, which uses engineered strand bamboo flooring throughout the kitchen, dining room and formal living room.

Island Tranquility also makes use of wicker bar stools, adding another natural textile to the interior design of the kitchen.

4. Opt for an open floor plan

When designing and laying out any room, select an open floor plan to truly capture the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Living area with open floor plan opens up to outdoor patio
Coastal design is adored for its welcoming and charming vibe, so create an atmosphere of warmth for your guests.

We love our Bay House living room, which feels breezy and inviting by taking advantage of an open floor plan that also opens up to an outdoor lanai.

At Archipelago Hawaii, we believe in designing island-inspired homes that are also stylish and enduring. We hope these design tips will inspire you to create the coastal look in your own home — wherever you may reside!