Give Your Home a Color Makeover

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Give your home a color makeover

This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who wants to give her home a fresh new color palette just in time for summer:

“How can I add bright, summer colors to my home in subtle ways?”

If you, too, are looking to harness the best shades summer has to offer, look no further! Our design team has put together these helpful tips to make the rooms in your home pop without drowning them in color.

1. Select your accent color strategically

Whether you’re tackling the bathroom, kitchen or every room in your home, strategic selection of accent colors is vital to the creation of a beautiful and harmonious space.
Beach-inspired accent wall and backsplash

Consider your favorite furnishes, fixtures or styles, and take inspiration from those colors.

The homeowners of our Shorebreak project loved Hawaii’s coastal feel, so we replicated the beachy lifestyle with a glassy green backsplash and an aqua colored accent wall to tie the design together.

2. Weave color and texture together

As designers, we love to play with both color and texture when creating luxurious spaces. However, some people may overlook the importance of integrating the two design elements in their interior design projects.
Color and texture design elements used in Hawaii kitchen remodel

Take a cue from our Lanikai Blue project, which boasts a gorgeous, beachy color palette while working with both color and texture.

In an otherwise brightly colored room, we added darker hues with the wooden dining table and wicker chairs along the built-in banquet.

We also decorated the kitchen with broken glass pendant lights in a striking shade, customized by Island Glassworks. These subtle touches go a long way in incorporating summer colors into the beach-kissed kitchen.

3. Pair/layer white with a range of colors and textures

While some homeowners may shy away from white in fear of designing a boring or ordinary space, our design team embraces it! We’re big fans of pairing white with a wide range of colors and textures to create memorable home design that embodies the bright shades of the season.
Pair white with colors and textures

Take a look at our Kaimuki Bungalow project, which uses white as its base color with butcher block and quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, which all work together to emphasize the cottage design while evoking the colors of summer.

4. Have fun with neutrals

Neutral shades don’t have to be boring! When using neutral colors as a room’s base, pair them with other complementary colors to make them pop.
Kitchen with neutrals and pops of color
Our Neoteric Classic project marries cream shades with rich chocolate brown cabinets and a light teal accent wall to create a distinct color palette in the kitchen.

When properly used in conjunction with other rich colors, neutral tones are very effective in capturing the summer feel.

5. Don’t run from color—embrace it!

This is our favorite tip for incorporating color in subtle ways! The thought of introducing color into a home can send some people running for the hills; however, we encourage our homeowners to approach color without fear.
Colorful kitchen integrates with rest of home
Introduce new colors slowly, whether by adding a bright art piece or purchasing a playful throw pillow.

By taking these small steps, you’ll eventually feel more comfortable with integrating color throughout your home.

Summer is the perfect time to introduce new colors into your home. This summer, spice up your space with fun, summery hues. With the help of these design tips, you’re sure to create a bright and sunny home that reflects the joys of the season.