Laurent’s Classroom

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Laurent's Classroom

Laurent Chouari has many jobs: design engineer, guru of digital imaging, professor. As Archipelago Hawaii’s longest-serving employee, Laurent is a valued member of our design team who also contributes to the community as an Adjunct Professor at Chaminade University of Honolulu.

“Teaching is incredibly rewarding,” said Laurent. “It’s wonderful watching the students walk into the classroom with nothing and step out equipped with skills they can use to make a living.”

Laurent has been teaching at Chaminade University for three and a half years. During his time, he has developed and taught the course “Introduction to CAD,” which instructs students on CAD, or “computer-aided drawing,” the design software most often used by architects, interior designers and engineers. Though a design engineer by trade, Laurent translates his skills into the teaching profession to provide students with the solid foundation he’d noticed was lacking in his field.

“I pursued the education field because I noticed the junior designers and interns we were working with did not have the necessary CAD skills,” said Laurent. “I decided the best way to get them ready for this industry was to work with them early in their education and provide them with the skills they need to succeed in their future professions.”

The end goal, Laurent explained, is for his students to develop plans that are comprehensive yet simple enough for a variety of audiences to understand. These audiences range from the homeowners to those involved in the construction process, including general contractors, framers, tile setters and plumbers.

Building plan sample
Above: This sample plan for a bathroom includes instructions for all parties involved in the construction process.

Thank you for your dedicated service to Hawaii’s students, Laurent! We are proud to call you a member of our team.