How to remodel a condo bathroom

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How to remodel a condo bathroom

This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who’s hesitant to undertake a project in her condominium:

“How do I remodel my bathroom when I live in a condo?”

The logistics of a remodeling project in a condo can overwhelm any homeowner. Our style expert Tiare Pinto shares her advice on how to tackle a remodeling project in a small, interconnected space like a condominium.

1. Reexamine the way you’re currently using the space

Before you begin remodeling your unit, evaluate the current layout in order to determine the best way to strategically use the space. Condominium bathrooms are typically very small, so before you begin tearing down walls, consider what you want the finished project to look like.

Condo master bath before renovation
When tackling our Imperial Gray project, we spent a great deal of time reviewing the layout of this dated Honolulu condo before developing a strategic remodeling plan.

Keep in mind that logistics are always an issue when remodeling a condo, and you should be aware of the limitations of your unit before performing any drastic updates.

2. Trade in your tub for a shower

Walk-in shower in condo
Though relaxing and indulgent, a tub isn’t always the most practical choice, especially for a condominium.

In the Imperial Gray master bath, we swapped out a bulky soaking tub for a sleeker walk-in shower.

Walk-in showers are convenient for a small space, as they don’t require an enclosure and help to visually enlarge the size of the bathroom.

3. Play down the features you don’t love

Your condominium is likely to come with some fixtures and features you don’t necessarily love—and that’s okay. Rather than remove them completely, look for opportunities to improve upon or complement them with new upgrades.
Condo bath with outdated glass wall
For example, our team wasn’t a huge fan of the old-school translucent glass wall along the bath.

Because of the restrictions of remodeling in the condo, however, we designed a bench in Imperial Gray to extend both inside and outside the shower, which plays down the existing glass block while adding an element of drama.

4. Don’t skimp on luxury

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can still enjoy the space and make it your own spa-like retreat. The best way to do so is to embrace luxury features, rather than skimping on them.

Luxury bath features
Imperial Gray boasts a variety of lavish features including fine Sollera cabinetry, stunning Lunada Bay accent tile, a Cambria quartz countertop and Galaxy Lighting mini pendants (seen here).

The shower was also upgraded with a large rainhead in the ceiling and both a handheld and fixed head with body sprays. These subtle details go a long way when designing a master bath that’s both functional and sophisticated.

5. Unify your room with color and texture

Unified color in condo bath remodel
Create visual interest while unifying your space by interweaving color and texture.

The two unique sections of the shower designed in a mosaic glass tile serve to unify the bathroom by pulling from the colors in both the vanity and bench countertops (as seen in the photo here).

The Cambria quartz countertop also complements the espresso-wood vanity and luxury cabinets. Similarly, the glass in the back of the shower niches adds a special texture to the space while highlighting the additional glass details.

Tackling a master bath remodel in a condominium requires hard work and strategic planning, but it’s not impossible! Contact our team at Archipelago Hawaii for expert advice on upgrading your condo bathroom today.