Small Home Fixes That Make a Big Difference

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who wants to refresh her home without undertaking a full-scale redesign:

“What are some easy fixes I can undertake to give my home an upgraded design feel?”

A little interior design expertise goes a long way when reexamining the vibe of your home. Our designer extraordinaire Tiare Pinto sheds light on five easy interior upgrades that are guaranteed to rejuvenate your space.

1. Dress up your ceilings

Condo/townhouse kitchen with new light fixtures
The lighting fixtures above you are just as important as the other decorative features around your space. Rethink the look of your ceiling and swap out a dated lighting fixture for a daring one!

Take inspiration from our Beautiful Kailani project, which boasts a luxurious glass orb chandelier by West Elm. This new chandelier hangs from a satin nickel frame, giving the dining room an air of opulence and drama.

2. Refresh your cabinetry handles and pulls

Updating the pulls and handles of your cabinetry is a quick fix that can reinvigorate any room in the house. Best of all—it’s an affordable upgrade that instantly renews the vibe in your space.

Renovated kitchen cabinets with seaside-inspired pulls
The kitchen of our Shorebreak project features both brushed satin pulls as well as the coastal Besty Fields’s seaside and turtle pulls and knobs. This eclectic mix of hardware captures a vibe that is both sleek and beachy, a perfect melding of the two design styles.

3. Upgrade your room color

Condo living room with accent wall
Sometimes all your home needs is a simple color palette upgrade. Painting is an easy and cost-effective way to refresh your space without a complete overhaul.

Check out our Waikiki Chic project for inspiration: while the original living room of this condo was bleak and outdated, the upgraded space boasts an airy blue accent wall, which complements the softer, neutral toned wall and celling.

4. Rethink your window treatments

Dressing your windows can also have a big impact on the atmosphere of your space. Often overlooked, new window treatments can drastically improve any room by giving it a fresh, revamped feel.

Luxury bathroom remodel with new window treatments
Window treatments are fun to play with because they’re an inexpensive way to transform your entire room. See what a big difference dressing windows can make in our Auloa Mist project.

The master bath was transformed into a spa-like haven with the addition of sheer white curtains, which create an extravagant feel while allowing for a touch of mystery.

5. Don’t be afraid to have fun!

Don’t limit yourself to a single color, design style or era. Above all, we believe that a redesign should be a fun and enjoyable experience!
Open-concept kitchen/living area with fun fixtures and furnishings
The Neoteric Classic project is a great example of interior design that’s both luxurious and exciting. The rich mix of colors and styles in this open-concept space is well-captured by the unique Lumens’ ball ceiling fan, Fucsia pendant lights above the dining table, and a colorfully modern wool rug in the living room.

You don’t have to tear down walls and start from scratch to create a brand new mood in your home. Sometimes all it takes is a simple painting project or dressing your windows properly. We hope Tiare’s tips for small home fixes will inspire you to reexamine your space and determine what easy upgrades you can make in your home!