Designing a Dream Kitchen for the Holidays

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who’s looking forward to prepping her home for the holidays:

“How can I make my kitchen a more efficient work and entertaining space during the holiday season?”

Kitchens are always put to good use during the holidays. As the heart of the home, kitchens play an important role during the busy holiday season, serving as both a vital workstation and a lively space for entertaining family and friends. Designer extraordinaire Tiare Pinto offers the following tips on prepping your kitchen for the holidays:

1. Establish the work triangle

Condo/townhouse kitchen with new light fixtures
A kitchen is at its most functional when the proper work triangle is in place, a design layout that ensures a comfortable flow between the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. In our Imperial Gray project, we moved the existing kitchen two feet into the common area in order to maximize the workspace around the sink and create a better flow between the three points of the work triangle. The new kitchen is more open and breathable while it serves as a more functional entertaining space for the homeowner’s family and friends.

2. Reexamine your kitchen island

Condo/townhouse kitchen with new light fixtures
The kitchen island has many roles to play during the holidays. An island is an efficient and versatile investment: not only does it delineate spaces in the kitchen, but it also serves as a dual food prep and entertaining area. Take inspiration from the island in our Shorebreak project, which separates the kitchen’s two work areas while providing extra prep space for the homeowners. Islands can even house the buffet line during your holiday gatherings—the possibilities are endless!

3. Upgrade with proper lighting

Condo/townhouse kitchen with new light fixtures
To maximize the lighting in your kitchen, blend general, accent and task lighting to illuminate your space. A well-lit kitchen is not only more functional, but it also creates a more welcoming atmosphere when entertaining guests. Take a cue from our Bluestone Reimagined project, which boasts Cree CR6 recessed lighting in addition to under cabinet lighting and illumination from the stove’s range. We even installed a luxurious Kichler pendant light above the built-in dining table, offering subtle ambient light in the open space.

4. Don’t discount storage space

Condo/townhouse kitchen with new light fixtures
When entertaining guests during the holidays, the importance of storage can be overlooked. You’ll need lots of space to house extra food, canned goods and appliances while you’re prepping the holiday meal. Our Hale Aina By The Sea project is the perfect example of a kitchen design that’s ideal for holiday entertaining. Equipped with ample storage options, a wide pantry, and multiple pullout drawers in the cabinets, our Hale Aina By The Sea homeowners are ready to tackle the largest of holiday gatherings.

5. Invest in multipurpose items

Investing in items and fixtures that can be used in many ways is a smart and cost-effective way to prep your kitchen for the holidays. The homeowners of our Mauka To Makai project did just that when they opted for this freestanding dining table, a piece that can easily be adjoined to the matching dining table on the lanai when entertaining a bigger party. By selecting multipurpose pieces like these, you’ll save money while maximizing your kitchen for your holiday gathering.
Condo/townhouse kitchen with new light fixtures
Condo/townhouse kitchen with new light fixtures

This holiday season, get inspired by these design tips and reexamine your kitchen for new ways to create a more efficient space. Whether it’s upgrading your lighting fixtures or utilizing your island in a new way, Tiare’s advice is sure to help you get your kitchen holiday party ready!