Roseann’s Corner: What Is Net Profit and How Do I Make It?

online@beckercommunications.comFrom the Desk

Last week our very own Roseann Freitas presented to NKBA San Diego Chapter on a valuable topic. With the title of “What Is Net Profit and How Do I Make It,” Roseann’s presentation tackled the difficult issue of understanding how to transform passion into profit.

roseanns-corner-webAs a business owner, every designer must operate as a businessperson first, and a designer second. Similarly, in every industry, businesses must make a profit in order to be successful and continue to excel in what they do. In her presentation, Roseann shed light on the complexities of the business side of the design team, educating attendees on everything from basic accounting formulas to identifying the different revenue streams for designers—all while engaging them and having fun doing it!

Members of the NKBA San Diego Chapter left inspired and recharged by the following three valuable take-aways:

  • Tracking time worked on a project is highly important in establishing fees
  • Setting the budget with the client from the beginning of the project is vital
  • As a business owner, the designer is a businessperson first, designer second