Our Favorite Projects from 2016

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Our Archipelago Hawaii team has enjoyed such an exciting and memorable year! From whole home remodels to intricate interior design projects, we had a blast creating dream homes for our wonderful clients. As we get ready to bid farewell to 2016, we’re taking a moment to look back on some of our favorite projects this year:


Ewa-lution is a breathtaking interior furnishings project we first began in 2015. After purchasing their new home, the Ewa-lution homeowners decided to work with our design team at Archipelago Hawaii to customize their space. We had a great time collaborating with these homeowners, who share our love for color and creative ideas!

The living room of our Ewa-lution project is the perfect example of how a single piece can completely transform your home. The homeowners fell in love with this Indich rug that boasts a gorgeous Monstera pattern and a fun color combination of teal and lime green with camel-colored accents. They were so inspired by this rug, in fact, that we used it as the basis of the entire living room design, allowing it to drive the design of the space. We chose a teal sectional and round swivel chair in camel-colored fabric to maintain design consistency and selected matching accent pillows to pull the design together. Even the stunning coffee table that doubles as an ottoman was custom built and made locally to enhance the color scheme.

When tackling the kitchen, we downplayed the wood tone, which the homeowners weren’t crazy about, by adding a driftwood finish to the dining table and a large buffet piece. We also reupholstered their previously dark stained counterstools, covering the backs with a more flattering, light green vinyl. Parsons chairs were similarly slipcovered in a beautiful aqua tone to soften the space and balance out the dark wood.

In order to elongate the existing dining room table, we replaced the former lighting fixture with a more luxurious, longer one. We also incorporated a hand-blown, aqua-blue glass fixture with globes at various lengths in the living room—adding a touch of drama as well as some much needed lighting.

We completed the project in the master suite, where we refurnished the space and designed a luxurious and relaxing seating area. We made a few small yet significant upgrades to the space, including the addition of wallpaper on the ceiling and custom designed window treatments that also pull together the colors of the space.

Ewa-lution is one of our most enjoyable projects to date—not only did we have the opportunity to play with colors and lighting, but we also honed in on the value of interior design. We’re happy to see the homeowners enjoying their new, custom-designed home!

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Mauka To Makai

The objective of the Mauka To Makai project was to create a simple yet elegant plantation style home with remarkable green efficiencies that also met a strict budget. With strategic planning and thoughtful design, the result is a luxurious custom home by Archipelago Hawaii and Mokulua High Performance Builder that received LEED Platinum level certification while taking advantage of breathtaking island views and meeting all of the homeowners’ wants and needs.

Among the homeowners’ requests were an expansive great room, three bedrooms with one bedroom also functioning as a dual office and sewing room, two and a half bath, a laundry room, an outdoor pool and ample space to accommodate their two dogs. To meet these needs while adhering to a fixed budget, the existing retaining wall was employed as much as possible throughout the project.

One of the greatest challenges faced was the sloped property, which created a problem from a cost-perspective. Other aspects taken into consideration were the building envelope and additional height restrictions.

In order to take advantage of the stunning views of Oahu, the main living area was elevated to create a tri-level home design, allowing for the best views from the great room and master suite. The third bedroom was transformed into a multi-purpose space by the addition of a Murphy bed and a drop leaf table.

The kitchen was configured to house a freestanding dining table—this piece could be adjoined to the matching exterior dining table to entertain friends and family.

The sustainable features of Mauka to Makai include therma-wrap house wrap; Low-E windows and exterior door glazing; solar hot water; Energy Star appliances; Low-Flow plumbing fixtures; Energy Star certified roof; a native and regionally appropriate restored landscape; Knauf Eco-Batt insulation; Sherwin Williams Pro-Mar NO-VOC paints and adhesives; composite vinyl flooring that meets standards for FloorScore and recycled content; and FSC certified wood sheathing.

As a LEED Platinum level home, Mauka To Makai boasts a variety of sustainable features, including solar hot water, Energy Star appliances, and native and regionally appropriate restored landscape, among others. The resulting home is an island haven that perfectly blends luxury style with eco-friendly design.

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