5 Simple Ways to Create Your Dream Living Room

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who’s ready to kick start the New Year with her dream living room:

“How can I create a brand new look in my living room without tearing it down and starting from scratch?”

You don’t have to undertake a full-scale remodel to achieve your dream living space—small interior design details truly make a huge difference! Tiare offers her advice on quick and easy ways to redesign your space in 2017.

1. Style your coffee table

Living space with styled coffee table
Coffee tables are a staple in most living rooms. Give the space a brand new feel by reexamining the décor on yours. Whether you adorn the surface with new coffee table books or select a decorative vase, small upgrades to your table are sure to make a big difference in your room.

Our Sustainable Style at Waahila Ridge project feels brand new with just a few ornamental features decorating the coffee table.

2. Bring the outdoors, in

Living space with plants and flowers
Incorporating plants and flowers into your space is a simple and refreshing way to breathe life back into your home. Take inspiration from our Neoteric Classic project — this living room pops with life and energy with strategically placed plants and ferns.

3. Change out your throw pillows

Living Space with throw pillows
Purchasing new throw pillows is a fun and inexpensive way to freshen up your living room. Whether you’re going for understated or bold statements, simply swapping out your throw pillows for new ones can make a huge difference. For the color-shy, pillows are also an easy solution to incorporate contrasting textures in your living room—this helps create visual interest. Take a cue from our Ewa-lution project, in which we selected textured pillows that pull together the colors of the entire room to achieve design harmony.

4. Refresh your dated couch or chair with a new throw

Living space with throw blanket
In addition to pillows, colorful new throw blankets are the perfect solution to decorating a neglected couch or armchair. A single throw can transform something boring and dated into a brand new piece of furniture. Best of all, you and your guests will love snuggling up to the cozy fabric!

5. When in doubt, rearrange!

Rearrange you living space
Rearranging the furniture and fixtures in your living room is by far the simplest and cost-effective way to achieve a brand new look in your space. Before you purchase new light fixtures or invest in a new sofa, stop for a moment and consider fresh ways to rearrange the existing furniture, preferably to make the room more inviting and functional.

If you need a little inspiration before you get started, use our article on laying out your living room as a starting point!

Redesigning your living room may seem like a daunting task, but don’t get discouraged! Tiare has many other tips for making 2017 the year you finally create your dream home. Ask her how she and her team of design experts can help! Call (808) 263-8891 or visit staging.tough-design.flywheelsites.com.