Pricing: When it’s more cost-effective to remodel

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While some spaces can be rejuvenated with just a few interior design touches, other rooms like the kitchen may call for a complete overhaul in the New Year. But how do you know when—and why—it’s time to undertake a remodel? Tiare offers her take on when and why it’s more cost-effective to remodel your kitchen than to make little fixes.

1. You need a more functional kitchen

You need a more functional kitchen
Sick and tired of your cramped kitchen that doesn’t work well for your cooking or preparation needs? We understand! Creating a more functional kitchen requires a complete reexamination of the space—which often leads to plans for a remodel. By opting to remodel, you’ll have the chance to establish the work triangle, as seen in our Kamaʻaina Contemporary project. Designing your work triangle, ensures a comfortable and practical flow between the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink.

2. You want an open floor plan

You want an open floor plan
One of the main reasons people decide to remodel their kitchen is to open up the space to adjoining rooms. Open floor plans such as these are not only popular, but also more functional for homeowners using the kitchen on a daily basis. Lanikai Blue is the perfect example of a remodeled space that was deliberately opened up, creating a kitchen and main dining room that feels more connected to the rest of the home. Open kitchens such as these not only create a sense of design unity, but also make for a more pleasant cooking experience.

3. Your cabinets are no longer functional

Your cabinets are no longer functional
Cabinetry is a core feature of any kitchen. Our Archipelago Hawaii team strongly believes in the importance of investing in good cabinets, especially in your kitchen. If yours weren’t of high-quality to begin with and are currently wearing down, consider getting new ones. Though the initial cost may seem expensive, what you’re really investing in is the lasting value. Read what our Design Engineer Laurent Chouari has to say about investing in luxury with quality cabinetry.

4. Your appliances stop working

Your appliances stop working
Another time to consider remodeling your kitchen is when your appliances begin to break down. While broken appliances aren’t the most enjoyable thing to deal with, they still provide an opportunity to reexamine the overall design of the space. Why upgrade to luxurious, stainless steel when the rest of your kitchen boasts a traditional design scheme? Choose instead to remodel the entire space to transform it into the kitchen of your dreams.

While you can revamp some kitchens with just a few design upgrades, other kitchens require a complete overhaul to become more functional for homeowners. If you’re hesitant to undertake a full-scale remodel, give us a call! We’re happy to work with you on projects big and small.