Playing with Florals

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Here in Hawaii, we love letting the beauty of our islands inspire our designs. There is, however, such a thing as going overboard with florals, fauna, and other tropical prints. This month we’re showcasing some of our favorite projects that reflect the splendor of Hawaii while avoiding tropical overkill.

Use window treatments to showcase unique prints

This is one of the more subtle ways to incorporate tropical prints in your home. Take inspiration from the laundry room of our Auloa Mist project, which boasts a one-of-a-kind valance decorated with bamboo plants, as well as an eye-catching roll up bamboo window shade. This understated design feature brightens up the space without transforming the room into a tropical jungle.
Auloa Mist

Utilize centerpieces to breathe life into your space

A table centerpiece is the perfect opportunity to add a simple floral touch to any room. Whether you opt for real flowers or artificial arrangements, each centerpiece adds a unique touch to your space while bringing the outdoors, in. Get inspired by the kitchen of our Bluestone Reimagined project, which features a modest yet beautiful floral centerpiece to please anyone who sits down to enjoy a meal.
Bluestone Reimagined

Highlight custom pieces in creative ways

Don’t be afraid to showcase custom pieces you’re proud of, especially those with a little tropical flair. Take a cue from our Ethereal project, where we displayed some of the homeowner’s favorite island-inspired accessories in open shelving. As our fans know, one of Tiare’s favorite prints is monstera—so we certainly had a blast highlighting it during this kitchen redesign!

Situate real plants throughout your home

Another benefit of living in Hawaii is its easy accessibility to breathtaking and truly unique flowers and plants. Aside from your traditional daisies, lilies and the like, we’re also spoiled with foliage indigenous to Hawaii, such as hibiscus, plumeria, and Bird-of-Paradise. Take advantage of the lush beauty around you and decorate your home with vases filled with fresh flowers and unique potted plants. Opting for real foliage gives your home a fresh, natural look while tying the space back to the great outdoors.
Hale Aina by the Sea

Select stylish patterns and textures to add island charm to your space

We love playing with different patterns and textures to evoke a certain style in a home. The homeowners of our Waikiki Gold Coast project, for instance, intended this vacation rental to be a tropical getaway for guests. Aside from the coastal-inspired paint job, we also opted for wicker weave textured furniture, tropical printed cushions and natural wood frames for the master bed, sofa and coffee tables.
Waikiki Gold Coast

Floral design is never a bad thing, but too much floral can sometimes lead to disastrous results. We hope these tips will encourage you to make bold design choices that work well for whatever style inspires you and makes you feel at home! Looking for more design tips? Give us a call at (808) 263-8894 or visit—we love hearing from you!