Shedding Light on Green Design: A Q&A with Tiare Pinto and Laurent Chouari

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The Archipelago Hawaii team is comprised of green pioneers—always looking for new ways to implement eco-friendly design choices in our projects. This month we sat down with the incomparable Tiare Pinto and Laurent Chouari to learn more about their green expertise and design tips for today’s homeowners.

Q: What certifications do you hold as designers?

Tiare: In addition to being a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) with a certification from the Allied American Society of Interior Designers (Allied ASID), I’m also a Certified Green Professional (CGP). This certification recognizes industry leaders who constantly exercise sustainable building and design practices in their projects, all without adding to homeowners’ project costs.
Tiare Pinto

Laurent: I’m both a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) as well as a Master Certified Green Professional (MCGP). As a MCGP, I hold a specialty in building science, which focuses on a long-standing commitment to sustainable building, remodeling and design. With my certification comes the expectation that I stay up to date on all new products and techniques.

Q: What exactly does building “green” entail?

Tiare: Although “building green” may seem like it’s about the environment, it’s especially about money and budget. Our role as designers is to use our knowledge of eco-friendly practices when advising clients on how best to invest their money. We have the expertise to offer strategic design solutions that are not only beneficial for the environment, but also for our clients’ budgets.
Laurent Chouari

Q: How exactly can homeowners “go green” while also saving money?

Laurent: Certain product and design decisions will help our clients save money in the long run, even when they may appear to be initially more expensive. For example, we always recommend our clients opt for Cree CR6 lighting fixtures over less expensive alternatives. Quality light fixtures are necessary investments for homes, while inexpensive fixtures will ultimately cost you more in the long run.
Laurent Chouari

Q: What would you tell homeowners who are hesitant to invest in green design?

Tiare and Laurent: Above all, our design team is dedicated to doing whatever is in our clients’ best interests. A project’s budget is always a blend of balance and compromise. The benefit of working with Archipelago Hawaii is that our vast experience enables us to suggest products that are safe for the environment and also work within our clients’ budget.
Tiare Pinto