Vendor Highlight: Paradise Lights

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This month we’re shining the spotlight on Paradise Lights, a Hawaii-based lighting company specializing in copper lighting fixtures. Under the artistic talents and leadership of Leighton Lam, Paradise Lights serves as the best source for classic tropical lighting design.

With experience dating back to the 1990s, Lam kick-started his career with his resin jewelry collection called Ear Art. This jewelry endeavor took him to trade shows in LA and New York before he shifted his focus to the design and crafting of unique Hawaiian jewelry. Thrilled by this new Hawaiian design interest, Lam then transitioned to copper lighting fixtures that reflect the island lifestyle. He is now a leader in the field of lighting design, using his art to bring a Hawaiian sense of place to every home environment.

In 2015, we had the privilege of working with Leighton Lam to design a brand new light fixture for his collection. This fixture incorporates some of our favorite prints and patterns, and now decorates the front door of our Island Tranquility project.

Paradise Lights in Island Tranquility
Paradise Lights in Island Tranquility

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