Give Your Exterior a Facelift

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who’s undertaking a full-scale rebuilding project and wants to make the most of the opportunity to upgrade her home’s exterior:

“How can I make my home’s exterior more visually appealing during the remodeling process?”

Upgrading your home’s exterior can be a long and lengthy process, one that requires the knowledge of experienced builders and designers. This month we’re highlighting the most efficient ways to modernize a home’s exterior to stand out from the crowd while functioning properly for homeowners’ wants and needs.

Design with symmetry in mind

Visual symmetry is an important element of design that can be attained in a variety of ways. While symmetrical design brings to mind an entirely balanced space, this symmetry can also be achieved through the harmonious combination of certain design features. For instance, our Mauka to Makai project features well-balanced pointed roof details, projecting a sense of visual peace for the homeowners and passersby alike. A symmetrical home doesn’t have to be split perfectly down the middle—it’s possible to attain a balance while maintaining visual interest.

Mauka to Makai: Design with symmetry in mind
Mauka to Makai: Design with symmetry in mind

Choose your paint colors carefully

Selecting the right color for your home’s exterior can be a challenge—and that’s okay! Color is a tricky part of design that takes some studying to get right. When examining a home’s exterior, we advise our homeowners to remember that less is more. Interior rooms are the best place to play with splashes of color, but when tackling the exterior, opt for a neutral base with a subtle introduction of color. We’ve received a wealth of compliments on our Sustainable Style at Waahila Ridge project, particularly the well-balanced color scheme of the home’s exterior. We paired Benjamin Moore’s rich Gray Horse shade with a soft Oyster trim to achieve the show-stopping look.

Sustainable Style at Waahila Ridge: Choose your paint colors carefully
Sustainable Style at Waahila Ridge: Choose your paint colors carefully

Remember to consider texture

Texture is another vital design element that’s often neglected by homeowners. To enhance visual interest of your home’s exterior, keep texture top of mind, particularly when selecting building materials. Take inspiration from our Island Tranquility project, which boasts a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind exterior. This exterior embodies classic Hawaiiana, with board and batten siding, a pitched roof, a delicate trellised entry, and custom African mahogany front door.

Island Tranquility: consider texture
Island Tranquility: consider texture

Ensure functionality is top of mind when selecting window

Many questions preoccupy homeowners when selecting windows. What type of window is most durable? What will maintain the heating and cooling in my space? What will look the nicest? When selecting windows for our homeowners, we emphasize functionality every time. The best window types are durable and function properly while mirroring the whole home’s style. We kept this design strategy in mind when tackling our Kaimuki Bungalow project, a classic 1950’s-era cottage in need of a functionality upgrade. We selected new fiberglass jalousie windows that are consistent with the classic Hawaiian style and stand up to the local heat.
KaimukiBungalow: Ensure functionality when selecting window

Remember: A little landscaping goes a long way

Upgrading your home’s curb appeal goes a long way when remodeling the space. Though not directly tied to the exterior of your home, the state of your lawn can either enhance visual interest or cause passersby to look away. A few selective, well-positioned planters and flower displays, as seen in our Beachy Craftsman Reatreat project, is all it takes to refresh and rejuvenate the outside of any home.
Beachy Craftsman Reatreat: remember landscaping

Make big improvements to your home’s exterior by keeping these design tips top of mind during your next remodeling project. For more advice from our design experts, give us a call at (808) 263-8891 or visit We love working with you!