Making a Memorable First Impression

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We all dream of owning a house that truly “wows” our guests from the moment they walk through the front door. Whether it’s a bold color scheme or a unique entryway bench, we want our home to boast eye-catching features that grab guests’ attention as soon as they enter. This month we’re offering our best tips on creating a great first impression with a memorable entryway.

Make an impression even before you open the door

The front of your home’s exterior is just as important as the entryway, often serving as a subtle design preview to what the interior holds. With this idea in mind, we designed our Island Tranquility project porch and front door to reflect the new home’s upscale island design scheme. We channeled classic Hawaii style with board and batten siding, a trellised entry, and a custom mahogany front door. We also had the luxury of working with local artist Leighton Lam to design custom sconces for the doorway. The entry is a gorgeous outdoor paradise that encompasses the home’s breathtaking interior.
Island Tranquility

Play with entryway furniture

When you open your front door, what do you see? A practical shoe organizer? A beautiful floral arrangement? Nothing at all? If your answer is the latter, you may unknowingly be missing a great opportunity to make a major aesthetic improvement to your home. The entryway is the perfect place to play with cute, luxurious or attention-grabbing furniture pieces or fixtures to give the space some character. Take inspiration from our Beachy Craftsman Retreat project, which boasts a gorgeous sitting bench with authentic Hawaiian quilted pillows, a dazzling floral carpet and plants in colorful vases.
Kailua Craftsman

Dazzle your guests with unique lighting fixtures

Think big when it comes to lighting in your entryway! Spectacular light fixtures draw guests’ eyes through the entryway and into the rest of your space. We adorned our Paiko Lagoon Oasis project with opulent furnishings and bold color schemes, culminating in the tropical and distinctive pendant light that greets guests near the entrance.
Paiko Lagoon Oasis

Design your entryway to set the tone for the rest of the space

The most memorable entryways are designed with the rest of the home in mind, and serve as a preview for what the entire space holds. Take a cue from our Sustainable Style at Waahila Ridge project, which was remodeled as a craftsman home with a modern touch. The home’s simple, clean entryway is styled with a console table and select floral arrangements, and serves to reflect the crisp, modern look of the rest of the space.
Sustainable Style at Waahila Ridge

There are so many ways to refresh and upgrade your entryway to impress your guests and reflect your home’s character. From lighting fixtures to decorative furniture, the possibilities are truly endless. Give us a call at (808) 263-8891 to learn more about how to design your own memorable entryway.