Fall for Seasonal Design

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This month’s Design Minds question comes from a fan who’s looking to temporarily incorporate the colors, styles and accents of fall into her home:

“Do you have any advice for homeowners who want to refresh their homes for the fall season without making any major, lasting changes?”

There are many ways to rejuvenate your home with the changing seasons without making permanent changes to your space. Our design team breaks down Archipelago Hawaii’s best tips for incorporating the styles of the season in festive, and fleeting, ways.

1. Start off with a clean home

Cleaning isn’t just reserved for the spring season! Be diligent about keeping your house clean throughout the year, especially before undertaking a redesign project. Ensure your floors are vacuumed, your goods dusted, and your countertops and cabinetry wiped down regularly. The best way to kick start a new project is with a clean canvas!
Ethereal: Start off with a clean home

2. Embrace new colors

Upgrading your home with new paint colors can be daunting, but never fear—paint is a simple and efficient way to give your entire home a makeover, and can easily be swapped out when you’re feeling up for a change! You don’t have to commit to big and bold right away. Start with an accent wall and embrace the warm, rich colors of fall like burnt orange, muted yellow and chocolate brown.
Honolulu White: Embrace new colors

3. Opt for colorful accents

If you’re hesitant to pick up the paintbrush and tackle a whole wall, stick with a neutral color palette and opt instead for pops of color through your furnishings. Swap out your traditional pillows for festive ones boasting a funky fall print. You can also refresh an entire living room just by draping a colorful throw over your existing sofa. There are so many simple and fun ways to accessorize, autumn-style!
Opt for colorful accents

4. Upgrade your window treatments

Changing out your window treatments is another easy and effective way to rejuvenate your space in time for the fall weather. In Hawaii, though we’re lucky to enjoy sunny skies throughout the year, we also have our fair share of windy autumn days. Take a moment to examine your existing window treatments and see where you can replace the heavier fabrics with lighter, breezier options, as seen in our Auloa Mist project. Dressing up your windows is a temporary solution that can have a big impact on your entire space.
Auloa Mist: Upgrade your window treatments

There are so many ways to get your home fall-ready without making drastic changes to your space. We hope these tips will inspire you to breathe color, air, and life into your home just in time for fall!